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Discover how to drive more money and customers into your business!

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Kevin O’Leary here... my partners at Tax Hive (a Business Accelerator sponsor) are now sharing their closely held strategies and business accelerating connections with those smart enough to invest 90 minutes to attend this ground-breaking live experience. I guarantee this will be an informative, educational and enjoyable workshop that can help you drive more money and customers into your business.

Attendance is most beneficial for business owners who currently have more than $100K in annual revenues, have employees other than themselves, and are actively spending money on marketing efforts. Register now to save your free spot!

Learn the shocking truth about LinkedIn's powerful ability to create long-lasting customers for your business!

Unlock the marketing strategies being used by some of the top small businesses to generate consistant lead-flow in 2023!

Crack the code on the top tax tips that can put more money back into your pocket!

Network with other like-minded business owners focused on creating ongoing success!

And much, much more!

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